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What community involvement is

This means each playing a part in improving the health and welfare of our community. It explores how we can contribute to our own and our communities’ development.

What it means to be part of a school community

A community school is a partnership between the school and other community groups. The joint focus is on:

  • academics
  • health and social services
  • youth and community development
  • community engagement
  • This focus leads to improved learning, stronger families and healthier communities.
The importance of the wider school community

Engaging parents and the wider community in schools helps to improve educational outcomes for children. A particular focus for many schools is involving parents from disadvantaged families.

Why family and community involvement is important.

Schools, parents, and the community should work together to promote the health, well-being, and learning of all pupils. When working in this way, schools are better able to respond to the health-related needs of pupils.

Research shows that involving their parents in school helps children to:

  • adapt well to school
  • attend school more regularly
  • complete homework more consistently
  • earn higher grades and test scores
  • continue studying
  • have better social skills
  • show improved behaviour
  • have better relationships with their parents
  • have higher self-esteem

Linking community activities to the classroom:

  • improves behaviour
  • raises academic achievement
  • reduces school exclusion rates
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